Corporate governance

Euro Group is an industrial entity that sets itself the goal of creating real value in economic and social terms, through investments and organisation of men and means.

The operating companies are owned by the Euro Group holding company which has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and manage the problems relating to the governance of the group, creating a link between the aims of the shareholders and those of the companies.
  • Run the companies, appointing and supporting their top management and boards of directors with the aim of meeting the pre-set budgets.
  • Ensure that the companies operate in compliance with accounting and tax regulations and in conformity with the ethical principles of the Group.

Areas of activity

  • Carry out the control and supervision of the companies, with the aid of procedures and systems designed to monitor performance;
  • Support the process leading to the formation of the financial and economic budget;
  • Manage the Group’s business both strategically and commercially;
  • Select key personnel;
  • Support top management in decision-making processes concerning investment;
  • Supervise and manage procurement processes and supplier relations, especially in the difficult raw materials sector;
  • Represent the Group’s contact person vis-à-vis the financial market, optimising the collection and use of cash flows;
  • Study and rationalise the shareholding situation;
  • Propose and select training and shadow-training initiatives for our management in order to improve the company by improving its personnel;