Euroslot Tools designs is done at block molds and punching for magnetic laminations up to a diameter of 1500 mm.

The Company consists of highly specialized personnel, equipped with technologically advanced production equipment is able to satisfy customer demands quickly.

Euroslot Tools offers innovative solutions and has developed a technology that combines the precision of the block dies with the productivity of progressive dies.




With the help of modern 3D software all the possible issues are evaluated and resolved at the design stage, nothing is left to chance.

The mold construction is accompanied by a detailed design. We study how to simplify the maintenance of the mold, reducing setup time and optimizing the use of raw material in relation to the maximum production speed. The result is given by molds capable of producing parts with a constant quality over time.

Euroslot Tools is able to provide pre and post sale assistance for the design and the realization of mechanical equipment in general, in particular is characterized by the precision and rapidity in the realization of block dies, progressive dies shearing and bending, molds of casting, punching molds and equipment.