eurotranciatura_tun_01 In 2011, Euro Group officially opened and commenced production in a new plant in Zriba-Zaghouan, Tunisia.

This plant was created to provide a local lamination supply to European customers already present in Tunisia and will grow to deliver products to Southern Europe and the North African market.

Eurotranciatura Tunisie can now offer blanked laminations, stator packs and die cast rotors.

The plant has been designed with the most advanced technological solutions available within the Group and has at its disposal the latest production lines which guarantee stable and effective processes.

Current equipment includes; high speed presses for blanking with progressive dies and horizontal die casting presses for die casting of rotors.

The area occupied is currently 4,000 m2, with possibilities to expand for a further 1,500 m2. The number of employees at the end of 2012 should be over 50.