EURO GROUP SPA and Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. established a Strategic Alliance for the production and sales of stator and rotor laminations for electrical motors and generators in the American Market. As a first step Euro Group and Kuroda have decided to operate together in the United States of America, by bringing their respective skills and a commitment to extend this cooperation to other regions. Euro Group will secure to the Alliance its existing Global Manufacturing capacity and Technologies, while Kuroda,in conjunction with Euro Group’s tooling expert Corrada,  will ensure the supply and maintenance of press tools/dies, including its inner lamination technology.   Kuroda will also offer stamped products (motor core, etc.) through its own and Euro sales network.The Joint Venture named Eurotranciatura USA LLC is owned 90% by Euro and 10% by Kuroda. On February 28th 2014, Eurotranciatura USA finalized the acquisition of the Lamination Division of a leading American refrigeration compressor producer based in the town of Paris, Tennessee, USA. Eurotranciatura USA started to fully operate this Plant from March 3rd 2014 onward. The transfer of ownership did not affect the supply of laminations to the previous owner due to the signing of a long term supply agreement.   The company has today 11 punching presses ranging from 160 to 350 T, 3 high-pressure aluminium die-casting machines, an installed annealing capacity of 15,000 lbs/hour, 3 laser-welding machines, machining and welding devices for assembling rotors and stators. This operation will allow Euro Group to complete his presence in North America, thanks to his central location in USA and his strategic location in Queretaro, Mexico.