Prodotti_lamieriniSTATOR AND ROTOR LAMINATIONS Using progressive dies, Euro Group produces external stator diameters of up to 600 mm; with compound dies it produces external stator diameters of up to 1,200 mm. For stators with external diameters greater than 1,200 mm, we produce stator segments and pole laminations;         Prodotti_pacchi-statore-rotoreSTATOR AND ROTOR PACKS We can supply stator or rotor packs or assembled poles using a variety of technologies:

  • Riveting
  • Stapling/Riveting
  • Welding
  • Corpack/Interlocking
  • Backlack

Prodotti_rotori-pressofusi DIE CAST ROTORS Euro Group supplies die cast rotors in aluminium and its alloys. Range:

  • Injection up to 60 Kg of aluminium per rotor.
  • Ø max rotor 425 mm / Height max 1.000 mm

Prodotti_rotori-alberoROTORS WITH SHAFT At the customer’s request we can supply our rotors with the shaft already inserted and, if required, balanced. Range: Shaft length up to 3.000 mm           Prodotti_statori-rotori-slinkySTATORS AND ROTORS PRODUCED WITH SLINKY TECHNOLOGY Slinky technology makes it possible to produce stators or rotors starting from a steel strip blanked in a straight line and then subsequently rolled on the flat. This technology, which has been used up till now especially for the automotive sector can also be applied to other sectors.         Prodotti_componenti-motori-elettriciCOMPONENTS FOR ELECTRIC MOTORS Euro Group also produces metal components for small electric motors (U-bolts, washers, fans etc.). These parts may be sold with heat treatments or galvanisation.


Prodotti_stampi-progressiviPROGRESSIVE DIES Most of the dies we place on the market are progressive, in high speed steel or carbide and they are designed for the blanking of magnetic laminations for the electromechanical sector. These dies can also include CORPACK stacking technology, developed from the 1980s onwards; this enables us to produce pre-stacked and rotated stator and rotor laminations from the blanking die. We hold a number of international patents that protect various aspects of this technology.     Prodotti_stampi-blocco COMPOUND DIES Euro Group supplies compound dies for low volumes or very strict tolerances.           Prodotti_stampi-punzonaturaSINGLE NOTCHED DIES We have the capacity to make equipment and dies for single notching in both steel and carbide.