Create value, share values.

Our values were set more than 50 years ago by our founders. They and their vision guided our success and continue to be the foundations on which we will build the next 50 years. They guide our actions, define our future targets and remind us of our responsibilities. Our customers chose us for our innovative capacity

and our efficiency, our reliability, integrity and the quality of our work.
The commitments of EuroGroup are for reciprocal correctness, cooperation with our partners, transparency which generates trust. Only by sharing common principles can we strengthen and motivate our process of continuous improvement.

Open, fair and ethical conduct

Initiative and determination

Passion for business

Independence and focus on results

Value people

Sustainable development / global thinking

Excellence in manufacturing and technology


EuroGroup provides to its customers, innovative products of the highest quality, as our contribution to sustainability and environmental well-being.

As a family company and a company of families our Vision is founded on the objective to create a better world for our children.
Our employees are conscious of their daily commitment to our customers and the future.

Our engineers know that by implementing a logical and methodical approach we can achieve our Vision and set higher standards.

The EuroGroup Vision is the lifestyle of our global family, to preserve the planet we love.


EuroGroup is always with you.
Our mission is to provide solutions, products and services which exceed your expectations.

We do this for e very application requiring motion by electrical rotation.

We do this from the global network of EuroGroup facilities supporting our international, high technology partners.

We do this proactively since for EuroGroup, motion is life.